A lot of crap has happened since Michigan last beat Ohio State

Earlier today, I saw a tweet (from @dconeil) which said:  “No one has updated a Facebook Status after a Michigan win over Ohio State because Facebook hadn’t been invented the last time it happened.”

Dios mio.  That was a long time ago.

The last time Michigan defeated Ohio State was on November 22, 2003, with quarterback John Navarre, running back Chris Perry, and of course, our beloved Braylon Edwards (gag).

As of today, it’s been approximately 2921 days, or 70124 hours, or 4207463 minutes, or 252447787 seconds of pure glory. To put it in greater perspective, here are some notable events that have occurred since then:

Right around that time…

  • Browns legend Otto Graham passed away
  • Jake Delhomme was leading the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl XXXVIII (with the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction)
  • The first version of Call of Duty had just been released
  • The Backstreet Boys reunited

Since then…

  • Presidents: George Bush was reelected and Barack Obama was elected
  • Southeast Asia Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Haiti Earthquake
  • Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden have been captured and executed
  • Emergence of  Facebook, Twitter & even Myspace (founded before, but transitioned from a storage site to a social networking site after)
  • The Browns have had 5 Head Coaches, and 12 starting Quarterbacks

Of course, there are many, many more things that have happened since then; feel free to add to this list in the comments.  Personally, I’ve had everything from my first kiss, first car and drivers license, first job, first Browns game, Cavs game, High School and College Graduation, traveled abroad…and of course, witnessed countless Buckeyes victories, including the Sugar Bowl in NOLA –well, everyone knows we won it…

(That goes for The Game last season too).


One thought on “A lot of crap has happened since Michigan last beat Ohio State

  1. Hah, that is crazy. I was a junior in high school the last time it happened and I have since gone on to get both my undergraduate and graduate degrees! I’ve lived in 5 different houses/apartments and 2 different states since then.

    The show LOST also debuted and ended during this run.

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