Football, Religion, Wings & other things not always made better Traditional

Like many other Catholics, I had the pleasure of experiencing the recent changes of the Roman Missal at Christmas midnight mass with my family. For any non-Catholics out there, the Roman Missal consists of the words we recite like robots at our long-winded weddings.

“Thank God that’s over!”

My mother had made sure to inform me on the adjustments, which are apparently meant to “unify Catholics worldwide with words as close to the Latin translation as possible.” As if we are returning to our roots from all the scandal the past decades.

Instead of unifying, it made all the non-regular church goers feel awkward. The majority were either reading from the pamphlet they had given us or reciting our ingrained responses. “And with your spirit?” Really?

Just as new things are not always an advancement from the original, neither is anything more “traditional” unquestionably better.

People have been giving Tim Tebow crap from the moment he announced he wanted to be a quarterback in the NFL.  Much of this is for comedic entertainment, or disapproval by those whom feel he is “shoving his Christianity down our throats.”

Okay…it’s pretty challenging to take this guy seriously. Replace the football with a camera phone and it’s just your average d-bag at the gym.

But what I find the most discouraging are those whom hate just because his style, strengths and weaknesses are very unorthodox for any quarterback–especially a starting NFL QB. Trust me, I’m as excited as the next cheesehead when Aaron Rodgers throws a dime to one of his receivers. A perfect spiral is a thing of beauty.

I also cringe as much as Elway for every duck Timmy flies up there.

“Why can’t you be a big pretty thrower…

Here’s how I look at it:

There is a time and a place to waver from the traditional. For example, I adore chicken wings. Toss them in some hot garlic sauce and I’ll down thirty, no problem.

I used to kind of frown upon people who order boneless wings. Like, really? Is that even chicken? You might as well go get the 99 cent spicy chicken nuggets and save yourself 8 bucks. Like spending $6 on a Miller Lite when a Christmas Ale is the same price...

But what if I’m around a new guy I like, or at a work event? There’s really no dainty way to eat a traditional wing. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Sometimes boneless wings get the job done, because they fulfill the intention while avoiding the pitfalls of the traditional style. Sure, maybe saying “and also with you” isn’t quite the same as “and with your spirit” but we get the point.

And maybe a running quarterback with an awkward throwing motion and a horrible stats doesn’t exactly fit the dreams of the football gods before him, but he gets the job done.

And that’s more than I can say for a lot of big pretty throwers out there.


I mean, he’ll probably at least cover the spread.


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