The ReaList – October


(n) List of some of the “Realest” people and their moments. 

See someone worthy of making the list? Shoot me a nomination at
1. Neil Olshey, Portland Trail Blazers GM
“We’ve got a lot of guys on our roster right now who aren’t proven in this league & therefore don’t have market value.”
As @BlazersEdge‘s Ben Golliver said:     

“Neil Olshey wins media day for being 1st GM in recent memory to essentially admit he can’t trade his players because no 1 has heard of them.”

Can’t hate that kind of honesty–unless you’re one of those guys trying to be traded. I would suggest dating a Kardashian to get your name out there, but I’m pretty sure they’re all taken at the moment.


2. Liam Neeson, Irish actor
ESPN decided to have Liam Neeson on Sportscenter. They asked him about (American) football and his opinion on the Jets – Niners game.
So refreshing.

(via The Blaze)


3. Cardale Jones, third-string Ohio State quarterback

I think I know why Urb didn’t want his team using Twitter:

(screen grab via Awful Announcing)

In the grand scheme of things, this (now deleted) tweet really doesn’t mean anything. Everyone knows certain student athletes go to college for the sole purpose of sports y nada mas. And it shows OSU actually does make football players go to class –which some people don’t believe– but it still doesn’t look great, bro.

Still, thanks for keeping it real.


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