Game Day Essentials for an Ohio State Buckeye fan

Less than 3 hours until THE GAME against that state up North. The Buckeyes are 11-0 and this will be the final game of their season.

There is a lot to be excited about, despite what some of the naysayers may have lead you to believe.

With a Noon kickoff, I always find myself scrambling to get ready on game day. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I never manage to make the 6 AM Kegs N Eggs (how are bars even able to be open that early?!?)
Here are some Game Day Essentials to make sure you and I are off to a good start:

1. Scarlet & Gray Garb

Jerseys*, t-shirts, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves/mittens, shoes/boots, even pants. You don’t need to go overboard, but even if you’re not wearing something that explicitly screams THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, make sure you’re not wearing the opposing teams colors. That’s a rookie move.

2. Ohio State Music to get you JUICED & a sound system to blast

When you have The Best Damn Band In The Land you don’t have to look far for good music. Whether it’s an old school boom box or a brand new surround system, it’s important to keep the game day mood alive and well.

On a day like this, I’m a big fan of the Dead Schembechlers –>

I like to jam in these cans:


3. Buckeyes

Buckeye necklace, buck nuts, whatever you want to call it–buckeyes are our team mascot AND they’re good luck. After looking on various websites and a personal run-in with a Southerner*** I’ve learned this luck was not invented by anyone involved with the university.

Wear them proudly.

4. Charge your electronics and wear a Watch

One of the downfalls of having over a hundred-thousand seating capacity and millions of fans is that Buckeye game day events can be rather congested.  You will need to find people or share your memories with others, so charge the crap out of your electronic devices because no/low service drains the hell out of them.

Another key: if you are attending the game or tailgating it is very helpful to wear a watch. It works as a back up so you don’t find yourself totally agog when you realize it’s kickoff and you still have to walk 20 minutes to watch the game. Or miss it completely.****

5. Something to carry all of your IMPORTANT STUFF

Money, credit cards, ID, cell phone, tickets, student ID (yours or someone else’s…) these are just a few of the things you do not want to lose on game day.

You can rely on your pockets to hold these items, or you can tote them around in something more festive:

I found this little guy at a Goodwill for two dollars. He plays the fight song and makes a stylish fanny pack statement.

In the words of Urban Meyer “Let’s beat the s*** out of *ichigan.”


*It’s important to pay attention to what jerseys the team is wearing for that particular game. For example, if Ohio State is playing at Wisconsin and you are going to the game, you are going to look like a Wisconsin fan if you wear the scarlet jersey. Don’t look like a Wisconsin fan.

**At my first game as an official Buckeye, I left the slaughter of Northwestern in a sea of Buckeyes with a group of men singing “CHAD HENNE IS A JOKE” at the top of their lungs, and thus…I am very partial to the tune.

***I feel like so many people have no idea what a buckeye is and yet there were Arkansas fans at the Sugar Bowl who said they had them hanging from their rearview mirror for good luck…amazing

****Yes, I know people who have completely missed games by sleeping through them. Don’t be one of those people.


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